I take it a day at a time. The important thing is to keep track of things that truly matter. My attendants do not understand that it takes great effort to do what I do. More so, they leave me all to myself during the day; going off to who knows where.

For instance, daily, I take great effort to strategically place my minions around the loft. The minions ensure my safety and entertainment when I am alone at home. By putting them back in a ‘toy box’ at the end of the day, they not only disregard my awesomeness, but ruin a hard day’s work.

Who says you don’t burn calories sleeping?! It is a scientific fact that you do. How else do you explain my sudden food cravings right after a midday or a midnight nap?

My breakfast and dinner must be served on time and always prepared with love. I know I am naturally beautiful, but this fluffiness takes great care and effort, and is a result of a strict diet regimen of Fancy Feast, biscuits and cream. Psst.. I also have a secret weakness for lettuce leaves. But then again, who doesn’t really?

I always get my beauty sleep. It is important for my natural good looks and a healthy appetite. Did I mention I love food? I try to get at least 13 hours of sleep, with an hour or two of light naps in between.

I always know the best nap locations. During summer the window is by far the best spot, with vitamin D as a bonus. During winter I like to snuggle with my minions on one of my numerous exclusive sleeping locations. At night, I personally reserve a pillow spot on the bed with both of my attendants at my side. That way they are always close by and are ready go in case I feel like something in the middle of the night.

Let’s play ball! And by that, I mean now! Drop whatever it is you are doing, and entertain me!

They always forget that it is my attendants’ duty to serve and delight me whenever I feel like it. Which is always. Unless I am sleeping. Personally I love to initiate a healthy game of football, and then watch them throw the ball to me and run over to pick it up. And repeat. I find it extremely entertaining - a live show of sorts.